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Establish Credibility and Success in Your New Leadership Role

Establish Credibility and Success in Your New Leadership Role

leadershipLeadership development is essential to a company’s success – without good, talented people leading your team, having a common purpose and direction is not easy. No wonder why Catalyst 14 coaching courses are available these days. According to The State of Leadership Development from Harvard Business, only 28 percent of organizations surveyed see leadership development as a strategic priority. Many companies see management training as important, but not critical to its success.

Often, companies do not realize the direct effect that uninvolved or negative leaders have on their entire team. Having a boss or supervisor that does not motivate or lead by example means that the team is more likely to be disinterested in their work and the company altogether. Not paying attention to or caring about employees and what is (and is not) working is a sure way to show employees your indifference. Likely, you will receive less quality work or see employee turnover increase tremendously.

To make your leadership role a success, you should:

Speak regularly with employees and customers.

A very important role as a manager is to listen to both employees and customers. Employees understand the ins and outs of the company and can provide accurate suggestions for improvement. Interact with and listen to your customers because, when that stops happening, the company no longer has a grasp on their target audience. Many times, leadership makes both right and wrong assumptions without simply hearing the people most essential to the company’s success.

Provide direction, stability, and a great example.

Besides listening to the team, leaders should also provide employees with a sense of purpose and motivation for their work. This entails sharing company goals and direction, as well as best practices for being successful in your industry. Employees should always know where they stand and what is expected of them. Having open, honest leadership shows the entire team they are respected and valued in their role at the company.

Seek out management/leadership training.

Many companies, especially larger organizations, offer training and development courses for new hires and managers. Even if an individual has held a leadership role at another company, this training helps align the new leader with the company and potentially learn new ways to manage his or her team effectively. Having an understanding of the culture, strategy and goals of the company gives leaders the opportunity to be the best motivators and role models for employees.

Being a great leader can mean something different to each individual, but the bottom line is the same for everyone. The best leaders make each member of his or her team feel appreciated and important. By providing encouragement and direction, listening to everyone’s feedback, and taking the time to continually develop as a leader, companies provide employees with managers who are also exceptional mentors.