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"When you’ve finished changing, you’re finished." – Benjamin Franklin The world we live in is consistently evolving – everywhere, all the time, something is changing. When taking the time to really think about that, constant change seems daunting. With everything happening so quickly and suddenly, keeping...

Taking the time to recognize and praise your team is something that is often forgotten about or ignored. Research from Aon Hewitt suggests leaders who do not make employee recognition a priority are missing an opportunity to keep employees happy and engaged. There is also a...

Co-Author Tobi Anderson The need for knowledge work continues to grow. You've likely heard the recent buzz about artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, chatbots, and the like - and the threat to jobs by these disruptive technologies. Despite the threat of automation, the reality is that knowledge...

A positive employee experience and atmosphere is a major component to a company’s success. Having an environment that is stressful or not conducive to your employees makes it very difficult to have engaged employees that give their best work. These issues could range from not...

Leadership development is essential to a company’s success – without good, talented people leading your team, having a common purpose and direction is not easy. No wonder why Catalyst 14 coaching courses are available these days. According to The State of Leadership Development from Harvard...

As the workplace continually evolves, the skills needed to be successful are changing as well. Depending on the industry, an employer may be looking for people with particular training, certifications or prior work experience. Candidates must be able to communicate well and think critically in...

A New Way of Working and Keys to Success If you enter “digital workplace” into a search engine, you’ll find some links to vendor pages as well as articles that touch on the different software needed to create a digital workplace. If you really dig,...

Organizations see the correlation of employee experience and engagement with productivity and innovation. The intersection of these positive employee attributes is directly traced from a well-implemented digital workplace ecosystem. It is not an “if” but a “when” for organizations that have not digitally transformed, as...