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Taking the time to recognize and praise your team is something that is often forgotten about or ignored. Research from Aon Hewitt suggests leaders who do not make employee recognition a priority are missing an opportunity to keep employees happy and engaged. There is also a...

Co-Author Tobi Anderson The need for knowledge work continues to grow. You've likely heard the recent buzz about artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, chatbots, and the like - and the threat to jobs by these disruptive technologies. Despite the threat of automation, the reality is that knowledge...

What kinds of teams have you been a part of? Maybe a sports team or theatre group, a dreaded school or work project group, or an implementation team to bring a new technology at work. Many can attest that working with teams can go really...

Remote working is a hot topic right now, and conversation about working from home (or anywhere) is only growing. The idea has both supporters and critics, but when done correctly, your team can effectively do its job anywhere, and potentially be more satisfied personally and...

Leadership development is essential to a company’s success – without good, talented people leading your team, having a common purpose and direction is not easy. No wonder why Catalyst 14 coaching courses are available these days. According to The State of Leadership Development from Harvard...

With over half a billion users reported at the end of last year, it’s no surprise that LinkedIn, now owned by Microsoft, is the leading social media platform for the professional world. Even just a few years ago, the features available to users and the...

Employee engagement, or lack thereof, is a big topic of conversation right now because of the shockingly low amount of employees who are engaged (33% in the U.S.). Several factors go into helping an employee be engaged and do their best work. As an employer,...