How Do You Get Executives To Use Enterprise Social Networks?

How Do You Get Executives To Use Enterprise Social Networks?

Enterprise Social Networks Can Increase Employee Engagement

Curious about how to motivate executives to use Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs)? This new, social way of working is not exclusive to a specific department or level within your organization. ESNs are legitimate business tools that, if applied correctly, can increase employee engagement and improve knowledge sharing and idea exchange.

Top 5 Reasons Enterprise Social Initiatives FailExecutive Mentoring Tips & Tricks

Executive Mentoring doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here are client tested recommendations from our team, including:

  • Best methods of executive mentoring
  • Checklist to support the success of an executive mentoring session
  • Tips for getting onto an executive’s calendar
  • How to structure an effective executive mentoring session

Engage Executives

The key to engaging executives is to help them visualize how an employee social network fits with their current business processes and connects to the overall purpose and goals of the company. The best way to demonstrate this to senior leaders is to show them how an ESN can be used to materially contribute to existing business objectives. Using these “use cases” as underlying structure and design elements will increase usage by senior executives, improve suboptimal business processes and as a result demonstrate real business value. Changing the way executives work is difficult–but you don’t have to mold them into new super-social beings. Instead focus on molding the new social way of working into your existing business processes.