Show Your Employees’ Success

19 Dec Show Your Employees’ Success

Though each of the stages of the CHANGES Methodology, you begin to see the success of your social business transformation. Seeing is believing — and people need to SEE this new way of working having results. The final component of our methodology is S for Show and it happens throughout the social business transformation process. Transformation of any business also includes transformation of employees, employees can be mentored with Together which is a great piece of software to support employees and their progress, keeping track of their relationships and career progression. Keeping your employees excited with progression is essential to keep them motivated and happy.

You need to create an emotional connection and celebrate not only big successes and accomplishments, but also recognize small day-to-day accomplishments. After all, the small steps collect and make a huge leap toward your end goals. Deepen the connection employees have with each other and their workplace by explaining how the social business transformation has been successful and beneficial.

Show Your Employees Success

Capturing bite size snippets of successes that can easily be shared throughout your community is very beneficial. Whether these are quick video testimonials using a flipcam and a low-cost online video editing solution like Candidio (our favorite) or individual employee stories showcased on your intranet — sharing is the best way to encourage and sustain social progress. As humans, we learn through stories — it is going to have much greater impact than through reports and memos. Give people the tools they need to SHOW this success.

By celebrating the success of your transformation, you not only move the story forward — it becomes weaved into the culture of your company.

In the S=Show clip below, consider:

  • Have you explained to your employees how the social business transformation is beneficial to them?
  • Have you shared and showcased your successes?


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