Culture Is The Foundation For Social Business Transformation

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Culture Is The Foundation For Social Business Transformation

Culture is the foundation for social business transformation–and why it comes first in our CHANGES Methodology. C is for Culture. 

No single culture template exists for every company.  In order to implement change from within, organizations first need to have a clear understanding of the business culture and, most importantly, the mindset of employees that fill the buildings. The key is to adapt internal social business initiatives to your company’s distinct culture and resources.

Without this cultural knowledge and understanding, social business adoption by all levels of employees will likely stall or not happen at all. Your social business transformation strategy must cultivate a change of employee mindset. For company leaders, acknowledging positive change in employees is essential to progressive development. To become a more social workforce, making social integral to office culture and promoting social interaction between employees is the essential first step. Positive reinforcement rather than critical reprimand drives social innovation in the desired direction.

Do you have a clear sense of what your organizational culture is? As you evaluate the culture of your company, think about these questions:

  • What key words would you use to describe your company’s culture?
  • What can you do to promote and reward innovative ideas in team meetings?
  • How do you handle feedback in team meetings?