Intranets | Reimagined

Here’s a secret. Intranets aren’t dead. They are the core of Enterprise Social.


For years business and technology professionals alike have made fun of intranets. They have been called a place where documents go to die, the last bastion of top-down communication, better than melatonin for sleep disorders, and most recently, dead. We disagree. The last few years of enterprise social evolution have not endangered intranets, quite the opposite. Intranets, in their modern form, have become the pillars of enterprise collaboration, communication, knowledge sharing and productivity. 


The easiest way to find the experts you need and engage them. A company-wide mechanism for collaborating on both simple processes and complex problems.


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The authoritative source for global and local news and information. A forum for contextual, bi-directional executive and employee discussions.


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A source for company-wide tacit and explicit knowledge. A dynamically updated and rapidly evolving repository of expertise and assets.


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The quickest way to find the people and information you need to get things done.


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  • Old Intranets

    •  Trying to find the article or document you are looking for is like trying to find a needle in a pile of similarly looking needles. Content is old and search results often produce more outdated documents than current ones. Asking a question requires emailing a general mailbox or calling a support number.
    •  Finding who you need to contact is exponentially more time consuming than actually contacting them. Understanding a person’s role requires forensic expertise. Being able to interact with content creators or subject matter experts requires permission and analog communication.
    •  Text heavy corporate announcements appear on your homepage at a post rate rivalling that of your celebrity twitter stream. And while it is interesting and admirable that the New York office is having a blood drive on the 44th floor, it is not relevant to all colleagues around the globe. Finding information pertaining to your specific needs requires multiple clicks and panic-strickened bookmarking to ensure you can find the information again. 

  • Modern Intranets

    •  Employees are able to quickly and easily find the article or document they desire. The intranet’s navigation structure makes sense to both veteran employees and new hires. Searching produces fresh, easy to understand, contextually correct results. Anyone can post a comment. Questions can be posted to public and private groups. Communications and conversations are had in context of related content and files. 
    •  You are easily able to discern a colleague’s areas of expertise by the content they create and the conversations they have. Job titles and organization structures are no longer requisite knowledge for finding expertise. Questions can be asked to content creators and subject matter experts during the normal course of a business process. 
    •  Information is presented in context of your role, geography and interests. You are well informed of global happenings, but not overwhelmed. You are able to select and follow the people, groups, and content that are most interesting and relevant to you. And should you be headed to New York, be sure to search and sign up for that 44th floor blood drive. 

Delivering Exceptional Executive Briefings & Workshops

“We hired Andy to keynote our annual global communicators offsite (35 people representing 23 countries) and conduct an intranet design workshop. His 90 minute keynote received a 95% positive rating. The intranet design workshop scored 100%.”

Daniëlle van den Steene, Head of Internal Communications, Allianz Global Assistance