Continuous Learning and The Digital Workplace – A Two-Part Webinar

11 Apr Continuous Learning and The Digital Workplace – A Two-Part Webinar

Our workplaces are changing constantly, and competition to get and retain the best talent is growing. New job roles and opportunities are being developed daily, and workers are increasingly looking for companies that can provide value to them, too. According to research by Willis Towers Watson, “More than one-quarter of employees are in a high-retention-risk category, and many are top performers or high potentials and possess critical skills.” How can you keep up?

Hear from two senior client advisors at Enterprise Strategies about continuous learning in the digital workplace in this two-part webinar. Watch the recording. 

Continuous Learning and Talent Development – Key to Competitive Growth

Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 11 am Eastern

The world of work is changing at a record pace. The biggest job growth is in knowledge work, and these jobs require more education, training and skills. This is further compounded by the move to more frequent remote working and distributed teams and inclusion of independent or non-traditional workers (also frequently remote).

How will organizations and workers meet the changing demands of the modern workforce? Continuous learning, facilitated by the digital workplace, can play a vital role in ensuring your workforce is evolving with these changing demands.

The Digital Workplace: Providing Valuable Insights for Talent Development

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at 11 am Eastern

Continuing on the idea that the world of work is changing at a record pace, the talent pool for knowledge work is shrinking. Attracting and retaining top talent is more important than ever. Learn how improved knowledge transfer, sharing and digitally enabled collaborative work is both a necessity for the modern organization and a tool to enable better insight into knowledge assets and internal talent management.


Allison Maguire has a natural passion and energy for all things collaboration and enjoys helping organizations successfully evolve processes to embrace the future of work. Allison has 20 years of experience in a variety of technology linked roles, focusing for the last 10 on enterprise collaboration and mobile technology enablers, knowledge management and human change management. She holds an M.S. in Computer Information Systems from Golden Gate University.

Tobi Anderson is passionate about employee engagement and helping people and teams grow. She has 20 years experience including enterprise collaboration and communication, L&D, talent management, organizational development, and program and change management. Tobi has experience running her own consulting business and has a master’s degree in Organizational Development and Training from the University of Denver.

About Enterprise Strategies

Enterprise Strategies, LLC is a digital strategy firm focused on Delivering the Future of WorkSM. Enterprise Strategies was founded in 2009 by Andy Jankowski after being asked by the CEO of the Intranet Benchmarking Forum to be their primary advisor in North America and consult with their 100+ member organizations to review, assess, and improve their internal communication and collaboration systems and processes. Since that initial engagement, Enterprise Strategies has grown to become a wholly independent organization of carefully selected senior advisors, all with 15 – 20 years of experience and all who have reviewed, assessed, and delivered collaboration-focused strategies as both employees and consultants. A dedicated research team supports our advisors.

Andy Jankowski

Andy is a Global Executive in IBM's Talent & Transformation Practice and the Global Leader of IBM's Managed Employee Services offering. With a background in enterprise technology and management consulting, he's spend the last of 26 years helping companies understand, plan for, adopt and use new technologies to transform their businesses. He is known for his view that lasting, meaningful business transformation happens from the inside out, and focuses almost exclusively on business objectives, outcomes and new, better ways of working. A few examples include: Forbes: “From Inside Out, Speed Your Company’s Transformation” BBC News: "Online Chatting at Work Gets the Thumbs Up from Bosses" Forbes: "How Employers And Employees Collaborate To Create Better Work" Andy is a frequent keynote speaker on the topic of using new technologies to transform the way business is done. When not working, you can find him spending time with his wife and two children, boating, road cycling and playing electric guitar.

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