Having a strategy is one thing. Successfully implementing it is another. Gartner estimates that 80% of social initiatives will fail through 2015. Why? After countless hours of research, and time spent working with our clients, we have a well informed understanding of what works and what does not. Our implementation service allows you to work side by side with senior practitioners who have successfully driven greater adoption, stronger engagement, and continued usage of social intranets and internal social networks – providing measurable business value to our clients. Learning from mistakes is good, but only if they are someone else’s.

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      • The most common reasons enterprise social initiatives fail and what you can do to avoid them
      • Enterprise social initiative best practices
      • What we have learned from delivering several successful enterprise social initiatives at our clients
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We Operationalize Social Business

“While several consultancies provide social media and social business strategy, few have been able to craft and help implement a companywide social transformation, tying “social” solutions to meaningful business objectives. Having worked in several large firms and served as a trusted advisor for others, Jankowski understands, first-hand, the complexities involved in implementing a new way of working which is vital when making such a major change as strategically instituting “social” structures and systems companywide. Yet that is, by far, the best way for companies to harness its social power and to bypass the pitfalls of smaller, sometimes conflicting internal social initiatives. The devil is in the details. Andy’s understanding of these details as well as his approach of proactive executive prepping through the social transformation ensures that his suggested stages of social change are actually implemented and sustained. He lives up to his company promise, to “operationalize social business” in firms.”

Kare Anderson, Columnist, Author, Speaker, Forbes