Chatbots Are the Next Big Thing for Internal Communicators

15 Mar Chatbots Are the Next Big Thing for Internal Communicators

chatbotsThis post about chatbots originally appeared on Tangowork’s blog

What are chatbots? Why are communications experts calling chatbots “the next big thing for internal communicators?”

This 30-minute webinar, hosted by Chris McGrath, will show you exactly what they are and how you can use them for internal communications through examples.

See chatbots in action:

  • CNN
  • Dominoes
  • Tangowork
  • Whole Foods

Learn about chatbot advantages:

  • No download or installation
  • 90% read in 3 minutes
  • Brief, information-dense messages
  • Accessible for disabilities

Understand chatbot uses:

  • Scheduling
  • Computation
  • Engagement
  • Purchasing
  • News


Enterprise Strategies and Tangowork Software have a strategic relationship to deliver chatbot consulting to large enterprise.

Chatbots, coupled with artificial intelligence, mark a transition from the social to the personal. We expect natural-language interfaces, delivered through messaging apps, will quickly eclipse mobile apps as the primary way to get things done on mobile. Together, Tangowork and Enterprise Strategies offer you:

  • Chatbot strategy and planning
  • Chatbot custom development
  • Chatbot software
  • Chatbot implementation and launch 

Chris McGrath

Chris McGrath is a Senior Advisor focused on intranets and chatbots. He founded Tangowork Software, which builds chatbots for internal communications, and he co-founded ThoughtFarmer, the social intranet software company. He’s helped implement enterprise software solutions at AIG, eHarmony, Fokker Aerospace, IDEO, Sheetz, USDA, WPP and 170 others. Chris is also an avid kitesurfer and espresso aficionado.

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