Intranet Managers: Your Company’s Culture Setters and Change Agents

22 Mar Intranet Managers: Your Company’s Culture Setters and Change Agents

Intranet managers have the unique ability of touching the lives, hearts and minds of every employee in our organizations. Yet, all too often, their power and potential as culture setters and change agents goes unrecognized.

The following is a snippet from one of my speaking engagements on the perceived versus actual value of intranet managers.


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Intranet and corporate communication professionals deserve a round of applause for their efforts and companies would be wise to tap into their amazing potential.


Andy Jankowski

Andy is a Social Business researcher, advisor and keynote speaker. During the last 19 years he has served as a trusted advisor for several leading organizations including Andersen, Ernst & Young, JP Morgan Chase and Oracle. He is a career long student of enterprise communication and collaboration. He has both written for, and been written about, in Forbes and The Huffington Post. Andy is a frequent conference speaker and an avid road cyclist. He enjoys connecting people and dots.

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