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Lesson 7: Working Out Loud with Marketers

Marketers lead the strategic direction and promotion of a brand or product. They should be capable of communicating across a myriad of responsive internal and external channels. Learning the skills necessary to become a top quality marketer is not easy, but it can be made...

Working Out Loud
Lesson 5: Working Out Loud in Small Teams

A collaborative post with Enterprise Strategies' Internal Digital Strategy Advisor- Lesley Crook, Consultant- Jackie Mills and Community Manager- Kelsey Steuer. At Enterprise Strategies, we partner with our clients to Deliver the Future of Work--including launching social tools and encouraging adoption of new platforms. Internally, our team...

Working Out Loud In a Network
Lesson 3: Working Out Loud in A Network from a Factory

Business Benefits What were the problems which needed to be fixed? How to efficiently and effectively connect c.2100 people across 8 primary supply pharmaceutical factories, predominantly in the UK and 2 international factories, plus collaborate with head office support function staff and management. How would you have fixed it in the past,...