Lesson 7: Working Out Loud with Marketers


Lesson 7: Working Out Loud with Marketers

Marketers lead the strategic direction and promotion of a brand or product. They should be capable of communicating across a myriad of responsive internal and external channels. Learning the skills necessary to become a top quality marketer is not easy, but it can be made easier through a course such as the local marketing vault. By having a look at the local marketing vault review, you can find out if this is the right method for your attempts to make it big in the marketing world.

Engaging marketers across the world to share best practice examples via email is never easy. With considerable challenges of geographic and time differences, it’s often difficult to draw upon each other’s experiences and engage with the brand or product.

Prior to Yammer, we were heavily reliant as a department for examples shared via email from our key contacts in each country which we would then have to circulate more broadly. The content was often limited and it was a resource and time heavy task.

Using Yammer, allowed us to draw on the broader experiences of marketers in countries beyond just our key contacts in a more streamlined and effective manner:

Reach out to diverse and experienced audience who became engaged with our mission and began to share best practice across a single channel that was easily accessible, whether on the computer, phone or tablet no matter where they were at a time that suited them.

Gave marketers a platform to engage with our central commercial excellence team and other senior leaders in the business that wouldn’t necessarily have the time or opportunity to do so otherwise.

Provided the platform for a collaborative environment and created a greater sense of community amongst our marketers in what can often feel like a rather isolated role in a country.

In deploying Yammer, we were able to see the benefits fast! With improved marketing capabilities and product managers remarking on the success of the initiative and platform.

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Over time we continued to improve the deployment and running of our Yammer group. Key learnings:

Assigning an individual in each country who is digitally savvy is key, they became responsible for introducing other marketers to the group, educating them about its purpose and explain to them how to use Yammer as a platform.

Having a clear content plan with monthly hot topics to focus around in sharing best practice to ensure that targeted conversations took place between countries. For example, this could be around a particular competency such as digital marketing.

Circulating your strategy more broadly at an above country level – get senior stakeholders signed into it, ensure that Yammer is recognized as an authorized communication channel.

There ended with over 1,000 members (marketing, medical etc) about 40 countries – all marketers have to speak English as a prerequisite. Some countries had their own sub group in their own language which were easily translated in Yammer.

Give it time and Yammer can be a great resource for your company. I would highly recommend considering Yammer as a platform to share best practice, especially as Marketers we are meant to be increasingly using more digital channels.

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Author: Stephen Morris Marketing Manager with global healthcare experience.

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