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The average company can save $4,100 per employee by avoiding miscommunications


Did you know that miscommunications can cost up to $4,100 per employee?


      • In a company of 50 people that adds up to $205,000 per year.
      • In a company of 50,000 people that adds up to $205 million dollars per year.


With $205,000, or even million, a company could…


      • expand operations
      • upgrade facilities and equipment
      • provide increased employee professional development
      • contribute to philanthropy
      • distribute company raises


As a large corporation, a penny is a meaningless monetary consideration.  When a penny is saved, it is insignificant that the penny is also earned.  What about when 20.5 billion pennies are saved?


Miscommunications are costly.  Billions of pennies are wasted each year by inefficient uses of time, resources, and talent, all of which are symptoms of a disconnected employee-base.  When time is spent emailing team members, working on misinterpreted tasks, or waiting for direction- the cost is more than a pretty penny.


What could your company do with $205 million?



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Enterprise Social Can Solve Your Business Communication Problems

  • Disconnected

    •  Disengagement – Productivity low.  Disengaged employees are increasingly contributing less time, effort, and intellectual feedback.  There is a lack of communication and employees feel excluded from the organization’s plans, ideas, and vision.
    •  Multiple Mediums – Unread emails pile up.  Distinguishing their importance takes time and crucial messages are swept away in the constant stream of company emails.  Messages may be read, but the threat of forgetting to respond is all too familiar.
    •  Opacity – The company is headed in a certain direction but which direction is widely unknown.  Work is difficult to complete with distracting rumors running rampant, encouraging negative conversation around the office.  Disengaged employees learn of the company’s latest achievement or failure at the same time as the general public. 
    •  Confusion – Time spent brainstorming and developing ideas has all been in vain.  Misinterpretation and ambiguity, paired with an absence of communication between management levels, led an entire team to create something in the opposite direction envisioned.  

  • Interconnected

    •  Engagement – Ideas are revolutionary and inspiration is contagious.  The organization frequently posts about their vision and the employees repeatedly respond to and engage in the challenge.  Informed and included, all are infected with a sense of company pride. 
    •  One Source – Messages flow in.  But instead of painstakingly sifting through and judging their priority by the source, notifications appear in separate groups determined by department, team, or even to the whole company.  Employees can easily rank and navigate communication between different responsibilities. 
    •  Transparency – All workflow seems to be on point.  Engaged workers feel united in the execution of the company’s goals and actively strengthen efforts to advance.  Leadership regularly posts updates and materials supporting a unified vision, resulting in a seemingly unstoppable force.
    •  Clarity – The directions have been given and the creative juices are flowing.  Details are relayed to the team and questions are openly exchanged between management and task force.  Prompt, targeted replies cut down on meaningless production in absence of response. 

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“One of the biggest contributing factors to the success of our enterprise social network was the executive mentoring Enterprise Strategies provided us. Being able to sit down with our executives and explain social benefits and best practices in context of their business and using their language was invaluable. The feedback I received was very positive and we saw the usage of our enterprise social network increase tenfold in 6 months.”

Lori Nitschke, Global Director Digital Marketing, Marsh, Inc.


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