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67% of employees believe that there are other employees who can help them be more efficient and effective  


Collaboration problems are often the result of avoidable communication and knowledge sharing challenges inside companies. Without the proper collaborative enzymes, poor leadership, trouble with implementation, and miscommunication arise.


To keep a person functioning, processes in the body are enabled through a series of metabolic reactions.  When an enzyme is present, the activation energy needed for a reaction is lowered, speeding up the process.  Food, water, or even medicine would not properly metabolize without the work of an enzyme.


To keep a company functioning, progress is enabled through employee collaboration.  When employees cooperate, the activation energy needed to overcome internal barriers is lowered, accelerating success.  Research, product development, or even customer service do not properly work without the collaboration of employees.


No matter the company size, an employee shouldn’t feel isolated and suffer from disengagement.  Collaboration fights symptoms of desertion, disjunction, and frustration.  Social Intranets and Enterprise Social Networks catalyze collaboration.


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An Enterprise Social Network Is An Effective Solution

  • Disconnected

    •  You don’t collaborate because there’s a real or perceived hierarchy in the workplace. Leadership has allowed a culture where knowledge sharing can have negative consequences. Knowledge is hoarded.
    •  You have something to contribute, but previous experience leads you to believe that your opinion is not valued. Asking for help or reaching out for guidance is perceived as a weakness. There are missed opportunities from not sharing and adopting best practices.
    •  The culture of the working environment is closed off and opaque. The thought of adopting new technology is overwhelming. There is a resistance to change, which leads to wasted time from not adopting new time saving techniques. Working in a team is more of a headache than relief.
    •  Upper management implements new strategies and technologies with minimal direction and guidance. Senior leaders fail to adopt social tools but still expect employees to adapt to new change rapidly with minimal errors.
  • Interconnected

    •  Collaboration is encouraged by leaders, including middle management. Employees feel comfortable contributing ideas and solutions to projects and problems even if it falls outside of their job description. Conversation and knowledge sharing flows naturally.
    •  You contribute willingly, knowing that your opinions and suggestions are valued by colleagues and leadership. You work as a team in creating and solving business problems. Best business practices are adopted, allowing the team to be prepared for upcoming business opportunities.
    •  The culture of the working environment is open and transparent. New technology is adopted and incorporated into daily business practices and viewed as a business imperative. Opportunities are found to apply collaborative solutions to business challenges. The business value in teamwork is clear.
    •  Leadership adopts and participates in best practices for collaboration. New collaborative technologies are implemented after group discussions.  Employees are trained and given time to integrate new practices into daily work. Sufficient time is given for new working practices to emerge. Employees are provided with resources to adapt and feel comfortable asking questions.

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