#wolweek #twtwtw


#wolweek #twtwtw

This post originally appears on Lesley Crook’s LinkedIn.

“THAT WAS THE WEEK THAT WAS” (twtwtw) was a satirical BBC comedy in the 1960s. It broke new ground lampooning the establishment and political figures. Am I right in thinking “twtwtw” was the first TV show acronym-hashtag created over 5o years ago?

 “twtwtw” versions aired in the US. Renamed in Canada THE HOUR HAS SEVEN DAYS.  Australia THE MAVIS BRAMSTON SHOW. New Zealand A WEEK OF IT. Netherlands Zo is het toevallig ook nog ‘s een keer.  India THE WEEK THAT WASN’T!

 My #twtwtw leading up to International Working Out Loud  week turned out to be …

“THAT” includes attending three brilliant events in the past two weeks #TEDxBrighton, #SMiLElondon and #meaningBrighton. Bunch of cool people changing the world!

“WAS” a year ago this week. I recall working on GSK’s Yammer campaign to celebrate reaching 50k users with my mutual IT partners in-crime Matt Bartow and Joe Francis.  More about that here and my first airing of the WORKING OUT LOUD IN A NETWORK #wolan approach. 

“THE” #wolweek #changeagent in Oz Simon Terry interviewed me here. And, I was also invited to the next Enactus meeting on 9 Dec, Brighton Uni where I’m a business advisor. Enactus is an international organization that connects student, academic and business leaders through entrepreneurial-based projects that empower people to transform opportunities into real, sustainable progress for themselves and their communities.

“WEEK” goes swell when you on-board with Yammer! And last week, I joined Enterprise Strategies as a Client Advisor. Press Release here. By Tuesday I’d been given a warm welcome by the ES team, invited to meetings, shared strategies, read what they’d been up to for the past few weeks and invited to share my pet photos c/o Yammer. WORKING OUT LOUD IN A NETWORK in action!

FYI  met new boss, Andy Jankowski on LinkedIn. Andy lives in Indianapolis, as does my sister. And last week, I also connected with Bryce Williams who honed the term WORKING OUT LOUD. Coincidentally Bryce also lives in Indy and works at Eli-Lily – we both have pharma experience! 

“THAT” was not all! John Stepper published last week WHY SO MANY GERMAN COMPANIES ARE INTERESTED IN WORKING OUT LOUD? And last week, Marleen Olde interviewed me here – written in Dutch, and I met Bert Vries at #SMiLElondon. Founders WORKING OUT LOUD NETHERLANDS.

“WAS” it not for #SMiLElondon last week, I would not of had the opportunity to spend the morning with IABC-UK Chapter President Casilda Malagon, then lunch with IABC-UK former President Stephen Welch.  I also ran a table discussion. As did another IABC volunteer Liam Fitzpatrick on Measurement Dashboards. More about that event here.

My #twtwtw reflections from last week, also include adopting a 4 month old terrier #tinytoughted totally disrupting our 2 year old terrier #bizzyizzy.  One week later, Izzy loves Ted to distraction. Both dogs are from a wonderful charity called Allsorts Dog Rescue based in Sussex UK. They find forever homes for unwanted, unloved and abandoned dogs.

#wolweek disclaimer: 14 humans and 2 dogs generously worked out loud with me in the making of this blog and no one was hurt.

 That was the week that was when 129 innocent people were killed in Paris.  May they rest in peace.


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