The Biggest Impact on Employees’ Perception of Their Intranet

12 Aug The Biggest Impact on Employees’ Perception of Their Intranet

Andy Jankowski, founder of Enterprise Strategies and intranet expert, spoke at the IABC World Conference in San Francisco this summer as a guest of Igloo Software. As he spoke these words, his audience of internal communication professionals sat in silence. They weren’t awestruck– as this statement was obvious– this crowd was present at the IABC conference united in similar frustration.

Prior to the presentation, Enterprise Strategies teamed up with the Worldwide Intranet Challenge in running an econometric analysis, statistically proving what intranet attributes most impact a user’s perception of their intranet. The data analyzed included intranet usage and functionality surveys of over 50,000 employees, representing over 200 companies from a diverse array of industries and sizes.

This finding reiterated the simple irritation afflicting many employees: if it is intended as a resource to our job, why are some companies’ intranets so difficult to use? As Andy stated, the most important trait of a successful intranet is the ability to find information. Is your intranet functioning as a tool or a hindrance?

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