Enterprise Social Networks & Senior Management

Enterprise Social Networks & Senior Management

IMG_29313-300x201Senior executives are increasingly recognizing the value of implementing of social tools and processes in the workplace. Due to lack of time or conflicting priorities, though, many of these senior leaders do not participate in these social networks themselves.


Senior Executives & Enterprise Social MediaGetting Senior Executives Involved in Enterprise Social Networks 

Today the question for many corporations is no longer what type of technology  to use, but how to motivate and encourage senior executives to become active on social intranets and enterprise social networks. As Principal Patrick Durando recently presented at the BDI Future of Collaboration and Internal Communications Summit in New York City, the direct interaction and involvement of executives is critical to the success of any internal social initiative. He outlined best practices for getting senior executives to use enterprise social networks, including mentoring sessions and small, strategic steps that reinforce the right behavior online to establish trust and credibility.


Start Where Your Organization Is

Whether your business just started implementing a social intranet or is looking to expand your existing social network usage, this presentation will help you craft a plan to involve more senior executives–and achieve your business objectives.