Social Business Adoption: From The Inside Out

06 Nov Social Business Adoption: From The Inside Out

What is the critical component of successful social business adoption in both small and large companies? Social business transformation must happen from the inside out.

At Pivot Conference in New York City, Founder Andy Jankowski talked with Kare Anderson about why social business goes beyond the latest social media trends–organizations must transform from the inside out to effectively transition to a new, social way of working.

In this video clip about Social Business Adoption, they also discuss:

  • What changes have caused different businesses to go social?

  • What types of companies are becoming social?

  • What makes social business implementation successful?
For more information on Pivot Conference 2013, see our post highlighting industry insights and trends from the two-day event.




Jackie Mills

Jackie loves learning, observing, and analyzing how businesses use social tools to engage employees, improve productivity, and connect with customers. As a Consultant for Enterprise Strategies, Jackie is passionate about helping companies improve communication and collaboration using enterprise social networks and intranets. She is a Microsoft Yammer Certified Community Manager and specializes in conducting research on social business advances and best practices for clients. Jackie is also Chief Happiness Officer at Enterprise Strategies, delivering sunshine and smiles always.

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