The Top 5 Things To Look For In A Social Media Manager

The Top 5 Things To Look For In A Social Media Manager

If you are leading a communications or marketing department, you have likely searched for (or are in the process of recruiting) a Social Media Manager. While many claim to be social media experts or gurus, it is increasingly tough to find a candidate with business relevant experience. Social media is not about just knowing how to update your status on Facebook or post a Tweet–and social media can no longer live in a silo. It is critical that social media be integrated into your short- and long-term marketing and communications plan.

Here are the top 5 things to look for in your next Social Media Manager.

1. Analytical Chops

Try to get a sense of how comfortable your next hire is with numbers, charts, and graphs. Does he or she understand Facebook Insights? Do they have a grasp on Google Analytics? What are their favorite tools to track and measure the impact of social media efforts? Do they know about resources like Linktree that can help boost the companies social media? Social media is not considered successful (or investment-worthy) by senior leaders unless there is compelling analytical evidence of business improvement.

2. Adept At Creative Problem Solving

This appears to be a standard qualification at first, but it is a critical attribute to assess. Social media is evolving and still involves a lot of experimentation. Your business needs someone who is willing to be innovative, take risks, and try new strategies and tactics. In the interview process, be sure to ask candidates how they solved a recent business issue and what the measurable outcomes looked like.


3. Good Writing Skills

Social media involves creating a LOT of content. Make sure your potential Social Media Manager can write social updates, blog posts, white papers, etc. It’s not necessary that they have a degree in creative writing, but they need to have the ability to brainstorm and craft engaging, well-organized pieces that show thought leadership to your potential clients.

4. Has Presence

To clarify, we’re not talking about an online presence. Look for someone who has good presentation skills, inside and outside of the boardroom. Your Social Media Manager will likely end up selling social media to your executive team, and you want someone who is comfortable working with senior management and has excellent in-person communication skills.

5. Business Knowledge

Is the potential hire familiar with your business and your specific industry? If they are completely unfamiliar with your business or set of product offerings, it will take additional mentoring for them to fully understand business objectives and draft a customized social media plan. Be aware of the level of knowledge your candidates and adequately prepare resources and training to maximize their contributions to your company.

These five qualities form our basic foundational qualifications for a great Social Media Manager. Do you have any other characteristics your company looks for in candidates? We would love to hear them in the comments below.