Social Business Strategies For Sales Leaders

09 Apr Social Business Strategies For Sales Leaders

Social technology investments could provide an increase of over $1.3 trillion in global business value annually, according to a study by McKinsey & Co. With new social tools constantly being introduced and significant advances made in online collaboration capabilities, social business offers a wealth of opportunities for top sales professionals. Speaking of new opportunities, we all know how important sales are for any business, as this is their way of making profit, not matter what services of products they plan on selling. With this being said, as technology does seem to play a large part in many business, using tools such as a route planner can help improve customer service and increase productivity. This may be something worth looking into. Without a strategy, though, valuable time and resources can be wasted—so where should the sales industry start?


Advisor Christine McLeod discussed that topic today at the Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco in her presentation on “Social Business Strategies for Sales Leaders.” “We have heard a lot in the past two days conceptually about social business and social media—this presentation is about how do we distill all that to a simple methodology for OPERATIONALIZING social business,” Christine says. “When we leave here, what can we DO differently, how can we start to BE different in our workplaces?”


Approaching social business transformation from a Culture, Hook, Assessment, Network, Governance, Education, and Show perspective, Christine explained how the new CHANGES Methodology could help organizations decrease implementation time and ensure social business adoption—benefiting the overall sales process. “The methodology is based on EXPERIENCE, not theory, that can help move organizations big and small, from teams to enterprise level- to operationalize social business and create more dynamic, agile and aligned sales teams.”


To download the slides on social business strategies and the CHANGES Methodology to guide social business transformation in your organization, simply click here! Feel free to share your thoughts on the presentation using the Enterprise Strategies Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn page as well. You can also join the conference conversations on Twitter with the hastag #s20c.


If you would like to talk more with Christine, be sure to follow her on Twitter, connect with her on LinkedIn, or add her your circles on Google+.

Jackie Mills

Jackie loves learning, observing, and analyzing how businesses use social tools to engage employees, improve productivity, and connect with customers. As a Consultant for Enterprise Strategies, Jackie is passionate about helping companies improve communication and collaboration using enterprise social networks and intranets. She is a Microsoft Yammer Certified Community Manager and specializes in conducting research on social business advances and best practices for clients. Jackie is also Chief Happiness Officer at Enterprise Strategies, delivering sunshine and smiles always.

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