Could Video Messages Kill the Internal Memo?

Could Video Messages Kill the Internal Memo?

Memos …

they are synonymous with business as much as the cubicle and rush-hour commute. Let’s be honest—they can be extremely boring and most employees completely ignore them. (If anyone offers Cliff Notes services for corporate memos, let us know.)

Internal communication …

does not have to involve long, tedious documents that employees dread reading or avoid altogether. Video messages not only present information in an engaging and friendly manner, but allow employees to listen while multitasking – a win-win for everyone involved.

In this episode of 60 Second Insights, Rocky Walls, CEO of 12 Stars Media, shares his answer to the question,

Could video messages kill the internal memo?

What do you think?

Would you rather read memos or watch videos to receive information at work? Could videos really make written memos a thing of the past for you or your employer? Comments are welcome – or better yet, add a video with your thoughts!