Why Video is Integral to Internal Communication

Why Video is Integral to Internal Communication

 Why would companies want to add video, yet another form of internal communication, to the mix?

To keep the frantic pace of social business, employees already juggle all types of communication – e-mails, text messages, online chats, and phone calls, not to mention face-to-face meetings. It’s quite simple. Video offers a compelling visual connection that other internal communication cannot provide, especially for companies with enormous workforces in far-flung cities. Using a single video to share news and information, reinforce company culture, and encourage a flow of ideas from the CEO all the way to interns is incredibly powerful.

We recently interviewed Rocky Walls, CEO of 12 Stars Media, to get his thoughts on the topic.

Here is what Rocky had to say.

How is your company using video internally? We want to hear (or watch!) success stories about videos in your workplace.

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