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Is your workplace culture the best it can be?

As the workplace continually evolves, the skills needed to be successful are changing as well. Depending on the industry, an employer may be looking for people with particular training, certifications or prior work experience. Candidates must be able to communicate well and think critically in...

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The Digital Workplace is Not About Software

A New Way of Working and Keys to Success  If you enter “digital workplace” into a search engine, you’ll find some links to vendor pages as well as articles that touch on the different software needed to create a digital workplace. If you really dig, you...

Digital Transformation May Require Company Culture Shift

Organizations see the correlation of employee experience and engagement with productivity and innovation. The intersection of these positive employee attributes is directly traced from a well-implemented digital workplace ecosystem. It is not an “if” but a “when” for organizations that have not digitally transformed, as...