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There is no shortage of experts dissecting today’s rapidly changing business environment. Implementing their ideas, however, can be quite challenging. Every business is different. Applying new tools and processes requires business knowledge, industry expertise and experience working in complex enterprise environments. We pick up where the experts leave off, applying thought leadership in context of your business.


Collaboration accelerated. Communication reengineered. Knowledge management reinvigorated. Productivity propelled.


We are Enterprise Strategies. Solutions, in context.



To be the world’s most trusted consulting company.


We will make a positive impact in the world by helping companies identify and adopt tools and processes that increase results and improve employees’ and customers’ lives.


We believe in working smarter, always trying to find a way, and constantly seeking to learn, explore and understand. We embrace detail, present confidently and humbly, tell good stories and like to have fun. We give selflessly to our clients and our community,  seek random acts of professional kindness and are comfortable being the exception. We always believe we can win.

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How Can Enterprise Strategies Help Your Business?

Educate executives and employees on current trends, how other companies are responding to them and what opportunities exist for your organization.

Engage stakeholders in an interactive, structured setting to gather requirements, design an intranet, rethink knowledge management or discover how social tools and processes can be applied to your organization.

Gain insight from an independent, technology and vendor neutral, assessment of your current intranet, enterprise social network, communication channels or collaboration practices.

Obtain executive approval to move forward with a well researched and fully justified strategy and plan for embracing new tools and processes.

Work side by side with a trusted partner who’s previously implemented the changes you desire to make.

Continue on your journey confidently with a team of dedicated experts who can advise you on best practices, potential pitfalls and how other companies have handled similar situations.

Interview by Forbes’ columnist Kare Anderson

Why Enterprise Social?


True change starts from the inside out. Enterprise social tools and processes, when applied in the appropriate context, have the ability to alleviate many of the problems that companies are facing. Whether you are trying to reduce losses caused by disengaged employees, eliminate costly communication issues, help employees more effectively find the people and knowledge they need to do their job, or increase overall productivity — enterprise social provides a unique opportunity to break down information silos, tap previously untapped resources and optimally enable each of your employees.

Enterprise Social tools empower your business

“The social strategy that Enterprise Strategies created for us was the first to ever be approved by our Executive Leadership Team. Their real-world business knowledge, and detailed understanding of management concerns and objectives, differentiates them from others who focus solely on the social aspect of social business.”

– Brandi Davis-Handy, Director of External Communications at Indianapolis Power & Light Company –


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